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Storage automation
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The Urbx system can retrieve, pick and pack multi-item orders and assemble them in minutes. Items can then be retrieved for on-demand delivery.


Curbside Configurations

Incorporate micro-fulfillment automation to any existing store with the Urbx bolt-on curbside MFC solution. Installed in weeks at a price that works.


Micro Configurations

Base configurations start at 1,800 square feet and scale up to 5,400. This dense configuration is best for smaller businesses that need to maximize output density.


Large-Scale Deployments

Removing tote limits and increasing storage heights to over 100 feet makes the Urbx Cube storage system unique in its large-scale efficiency.


Citywide Fulfillment

Urbx is the only system that enables rapid order fulfillment within a city block. This ensures that customers can be easily reached with the shortest fulfillment times possible.


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We can fill in any need for your business. Our custom logistics systems are flexible enough to accommodate any company. Check out our full-service, high performance logistics options.

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Revolutionize eCommerce

With Urbx fulfillment, a new generation of retail is enabled. Start using in-store kiosks and local delivery to sustain business during anything.

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Intelligent robotics powers omni-channel fulfillment

Automated omni-channel fulfillment powered by robotics

Urbx is entirely automated. Each system has multiple TowerBots and GridBots that move products to pick stations where items are bundled for delivery. Manual errors are reduced, while raising both productivity and quality. The system has the fastest item retrieval time of any system in the industry today.

Experience a new paradigm in software innovation

Urbx Logistics Management is a full suite of cutting-edge tools to optimize the entire supply chain. Empower your business with real-time analytics, big data gathering, and intuitive, at-a-glance access to all the information you need at your fingertips.

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