High-performance e-commerce

In the future, orders for on-demand goods are retrieved robotically. The Urbx system can retrieve, pick multi-item orders and pack them in minutes. Items can then be retrieved for on-demand delivery.

Welcome to the omni-channel warehouse.


Get close to
your customer

The vertical bot travel allows for your system to get as close as you want to your ideal customer


Speed is mandatory for same-day delivery

Multi-order bundles are processed every minute. This means on-time deliveries everytime.


Save on land costs
in urban areas

With a small footprint the Urbx system can be located in more expensive land areas.


Efficiently manage
your Inventory

Elegantly designed software allows for you to easily track your inventory.


Scale as you grow your

A modular approach to the system allows for you to scale your footprint overtime.


Save on labor costs with

The system automates most of the tasks. This automation allows for saved costs on labor.

Urbx for Commerce

Urbx for Commerce

Modular is key

The system has been designed with modularity in mind. This allows for any configuration to be designed and implemented. From tall systems where space is limited to wide systems where space is plentiful.

Quick Retrieval

Every system has multiples shafts that are webbed together to create a patchwork like layout. This stitching together of towers allows for each elevator to have immediate access to totes. No digging for totes ever.

High Throughput

Urbx has a throughput that is much faster than any other system. This places the Urbx system in a new class of high-performance logistics systems.

Suggested Configurations