Production Intralogistics

The Urbx system combines automated storage and autonomous mobile robots. This approach eliminates costly touchpoints and streamlines bin replenishment on the assembly line and throughout the factory.

Gain better control of materials inventory and movement in manufacturing.


Change lines faster than ever before

By utilising storage and part replenishment, assembly lines can change product lines with a click of a button.


Save on labor costs without losing speed

The Urbx system provides a completely automated solution.


Never stop a line because a part is missing

Real-time part tracking and inventory management though our LMS.


Automating allows for better performance

Eliminate costly touchpoints and streamline operations.


Stock your finished goods

The Urbx Micro storage solution can stock finished goods ready for shipment.


Manage inventory at the click of a button

The Urbx control system allows for the user to monitor the health of their system. Interface though a robust API.


The Urbx Storage + AMR

Ideal for in-plant logistics automation.

The Urbx system provides a completely automated solution. From storage to tote movement by AMR thoughout the factory.

Scalable Storage

The system starts at 1,500 bins and can scale up as many bins as needed to accommodate the factory storage needs. The footprint starts at 900 square feet and can grow to 120 feet in height.

AMR Cartbot

The automomus mobile robot (AMR) has been designed to move parts rapidly thoughout the factory.


Full totes move though the pick-station onto the cart. Kitting is also available.

Suggested Configurations