High profitability per basket

Urbx can increase profitability per basket by shrinking the delivery radius and eliminating picking costs.

Partnering to bring more efficiency to grocery.


30 minute delivery is the normal

Our system can be placed in any neighborhood. Being this close allows for instant delivery.


25 items in 64

Urbx bundles a 25 item order in about a minute. This shatters any competitive system by many multiples.


Distribution center direct-to-consumer

Adding an Urbx system to a distribution center allows for instant direct-to-consumer capabilities.


Highest tote count in the industry

A higher tote count means more product variety.


Smallest square foot print in the industry

By going vertical you can add more totes over a smaller footprint.


Open air cooling over each tote

Cooling over each tote allows for not only better tempature control, but saves you on energy costs.

Urbx for Grocery

Urbx for Grocery

On-demand fulfillment

The Urbx system can be bundled on demand. This means that an order can be processed and loaded for delivery in a matter of minutes.

Order Flow

The Urbx system has been optimized to maximize order flow when it comes to packing orders. The robots move in a continuous loop allowing for immediate item to be picked.

High Throughput

Urbx has a throughput that is much faster than any other system. This places the Urbx system in a new class of high-performance logistics systems.

Distribution to Customer

The Urbx system allows for order to go direct from distribution center to the customer. Consolidation from one distribution point allows for additional cost savings.

Suggested Configurations